Are Pull-Ups Being Forgotten Too Soon?

It’s no secret that technology is driving the change behind how we exercise. One particular lift that I’ve not seen people do lately would be the pull up. You may remember this exercise from those old school days, I remember barely being able to do one of them. Maybe all of the ridicule that I endured from my friends led me to become the person I am today. After gym class, it’s a shame that a large portion will never perform a pull up for the rest of their lives. Although it may not look like an impressive exercise to those who are seeing them, trying one really puts you to the test. When I got serious about my weightlifting, I knew that I had to revisit the embarrassment that was associated with my first fateful attempt to pull up anything.

Bodyweight exercises are some of the most beneficial that you can do, meaning you pull/push however much you weigh. I don’t get why some put down training that involves bodyweight only, casting it off as not being effective. I don’t know about you, but after two weeks of pure bodyweight training, it’s easy to notice more muscle growth. The one drawback to trying to start doing pull ups, without the aid of an expensive gym, is that this exercise does require adequate support. We’ve all cringed and laughed at the online videos of someone trying to do pull ups, using a door frame, we all know what happens next. After watching endless amount of people get slammed down to the floor, like they were thrown down by some imaginary force, I didn’t want to take any risks.

I don’t blame you if you are more than a bit apprehensive about attempting your first pull up, don’t put pressure on yourself that it has to go perfectly. So, why do people hate doing pull ups and what’s up with the negative stigma around them? I think the answer to why the pull ups aren’t popular is because they are difficult to properly do. After all, there aren’t many different exercises that deserve a pat on the back if you complete one rep, I would say that the pull up is one of the rare few. In addition, I believe that the act of a pull up being so foreign is another barrier to it’s lack of popularity.

The concept of movement needed to push or pull a weight is fairly common to most of us, we all move things throughout the day. On the contrary, I don’t imagine hardly any of us regularly try and pull our body weight off of the ground, it can be an unnatural feeling, at first. With practice, you’ll come to find out just how great pull ups are for strength and conditioning. Primarily working the back and shoulder muscles, doing pull ups can transform a weak back into an ever-growing mass machine! If you don’t have the specific equipment needed to properly carry out pull ups, don’t worry, you can always get a bit creative. With any of the methods, you do take your safety into your hands, remember that accidents can always happen. That being said, I find that a sturdy tree is great for doing pull ups, if I have no other way to do them. I’ve heard of some using their roof but I’ve not tried that, as it sounds like a great way to rip off your gutter, leaving you with many more problems than how to do a pull up.