Gelatin For Damaged Joints

It turns out that consuming gelatin isn’t just for those who want a nice dessert, there are other benefits to this food. You don’t have to be an endurance runner to suffer from joint damage. Even our workplace can sometimes be a cause of those annoying joint aches that linger on. If you are someone that can deal with day to day aches, that’s great, but for others, the pain can become too much. We all live vastly different lives and some are putting their joints under more strain than others. Oftentimes, it is those who put their joints under a massive amount of stress at a younger age, that begin to feel the effects as they get older. My stepdad was a bit of a wild man in his day, and he loved his motorcycles. Since he is a stepparent, it should go without saying that I didn’t personally know him in his younger days, just hearing what I could through the stories that he tells me. One night, this guy went out on his motorcycle on a rainy night and ended up violently crashing his bike, and his body was to suffer damage as well. This man was rushed to the hospital, after someone saw what had happened. My stepdad would end up being confined to a hospital bed for many months, thankfully never having to go into a coma. After the long healing process, this didn’t mean that my stepdad would be safe for lingering pain for too long.


Now well into his fifties, it is hard for my stepdad to sit down for long amounts of time, as his hips bore the brunt of the wreckage in the motorcycle accident. I’ve seen the scars that were the result of such a tremendous crash and it helped me figure out that I have no want to buy a motorcycle for myself. When I recently went to visit him, I saw that his cabinets were stocked with Jello, I had never known him to have a sweet tooth. What he told me made perfect sense, he had started regularly eating gelatin because it was making his joint feel more relaxed, like he could sit and rest more often. This man, now proudly eating his Jello for lunch was once a bad news biker that didn’t take anything from anyone, I had to chuckle to myself.

It’s not just my stepdad that is getting used to this dessert as a way to make muscles feel better. You don’t have to be in your fifties to start undertaking the benefits of gelatin for your joints, you can start now. I personally love gelatin and it makes for a fun and not so unhealthy dessert option, especially when I’m trying to keep my weight down. I usually prefer the grape and cherry flavors but, if you don’t know yet, there might not be another food with more flavor choices than gelatin but if you prefer, there is also unflavored gelatin that is often used for cooking. No matter how you choose to cook with it, gelatin is turning out to be a viable choice for repairing joints and muscles that have been worn down by everyday use. What have you tried that is uncommonly used to help out daily muscle pain? Leave what works best for you in the comments section, I’d love to know!