Why A Former Ectomorph Made A Big Diet Change

For those who don’t know, an ectomorph is one of the three body types we all fall under. I wanted to pay special attention to the type that makes up the ectomorph because that is the type that I am. For those like us, we find that when we eat, the food goes somewhere but it doesn’t show on us. I remember having to, due to constantly being on the road, had to drop weightlifting out of my life for a month or two. All of the sudden, I had close friends asking if I was getting sick or what had happened to me, like I had returned to them a different person. I was starting to notice that my shirts and pants were feeling a little bit baggier but certainly not the cause for alarm that everyone else must have thought it was. I won’t go into detail with the accusations that were made about my new look, which I tried to explain, only to have my perfectly logical reason fall right on deaf ears, thanks, family!

Gaining Weight Can Be Done by Anyone

What I found was that the unkind words (all in good fun, I suppose) had got to me and I slimwas coming back to weightlifting with an entirely new attitude. What was funny was that, with the lower body fat percentage I had from not training, the muscle was showing up clearer than before. When an ectomorph starts to really bulk up, it is natural for them to start thinking about getting more defined. I’ve told everyone who asks about the subject that bodybuilding isn’t something you are going to be a pro at in a month, or even in a year, although it does happen. For a vast majority of people, you’ll have your trial and error moments, they help you grow.
That new attitude didn’t just reach me in my training sessions, it followed me to the supermarket. I now hunted down foods that were calorie dense, with a mix of proteins and good fats. I felt that the joke was on everyone that had poked fun at me, in the time it took for the muscle to fade away, it started coming back.