Reebok Releases Shoes Honoring Weightlifter

Taking the world by storm, there is a person lifting weights named CJ Cummings and his tale is quite an inspirational one. When I was CJ’s age, I was running with a bad crowd and getting mized up in a really bad scene. Had I been more like CJ, I could have spent those years taking care of myself. Known as the Legacy Lifter, these new shoes that are made by Reebook are a great pair for any aspiring weightlifter to put on. You might not get the strength that CJ is able to have but they are very comfortable and designed to help you breeze through your exercising. The shoes even have Cumming’s signature on the attire themselves, making it a great pair of shoes to gain some extra attention. As great as they look, these shoes are more than just nice looking footwear.

I had a tough enough time with trying to manage my grades and graduate, I couldn’t imagine how it must feel to accomplish so much as such a young age, as CJ Cummings has done. I am almost positive that he will continue to gain strength at a very fast pace. Already setting records and even breaking his own, Cummings has a mixture of pure talent and great genetics that don’t come along very often. With so much potential, I look forward to seeing CJ take many different medals and awards, throughout his career that has only just begun. One thing is for sure, CJ doesn’t let his fame go to his head, he is currently finishing up his degree. I have to give CJ props for choosing to put his focus, not just on weightlifting, but to also have a back up plan and to go for his education. There aren’t too many good role models left in the world of sports but that could soon change with one weightlifter who is determined to become the best. Trials and tribulations are certain to be around every potential corner but I don’t see that getting to CJ. I am sure that he is taking a bit of time to celebrate the release of his awesome new shoes.

I love the black and gold coloring, as some other weightlifting shoes that I have seen are way too busy looking for me to ever consider putting them on. For those who haven’t had time to see the shoe, you should really go and check it out. The heel on this shoe is made from a sturdy material, making sure that you have the proper support when you are trying your best to be like CJ Cummings. I can’t say enough how cool the shoe actually looks, it is classic with a newfound style that is all it’s own. The shoe retails for about $199 and is made by Reebook, with some advice and specifications from CJ himself. I wouldn’t be surprised if these shoes don’t sell out quickly, as Cummings has a huge following. I can see many people who don’t even know who Cummings is running out to get these shoes, just because of how cool they look. I hope that Cummings is able to have his opinion on more shoes, in the future, as the Legacy Lifters seem to only be the beginning between Cummings and Reebook. Having a good pair of weightlifting shoes is an investment that will keep you safe and strong.