What Should You Use to Bulk Up?

Every weightlifter who aspires for greatness wants to become bigger. What isn’t as easy as coming up with that goal would be the supplements that you use to achieve your dreams. As you see, you can bulk up properly from two main sources: supplements and food. It isn’t uncommon to hear some who are strictly about eating to gain muscle and leaving the supplements alone.

While I do understand where the food only mindset comes from, I’ve always found it much easier to bulk up quickly by combining the right foods, along with a select few supplements. In the video below, you can get a great source of where to start in finding the right supplements for bulking up. Now, in this video, it is tailored more to those of us who are starting out skinny. If you would say that you don’t have that skinny frame, it is all good, the tips will still work for those who have a little more meat on their bones.

Protein is always going to be the classic choice for slow, but steady bulking. I have used whey protein for nearly a decade and, no matter what wild news I hear, I don’t see myself not making my protein shakes anytime soon. Creatine is a supplement that I often hear as a great base supplement for starting out your bulk and it’s one I’ve found success with. I have to say, what is much more crucial than the food you eat or the supplements you use would be that you are consistently lifting weights.

All of the best supplements in the world can’t save you if you aren’t giving it your all, anytime that you step foot into a weight room. Much of how bulky you become is directly related to your willpower. Supplements are amazing for shortening recovery, adding a bit of extra mass, and giving you energy. However, at the end of the day, the strength you find to really get bulkier has to do with the actual work you put in. The main ingredients I would look out for, if you are really set to bulk up the right way would be: arginine, creatine, glutamine, and protein.