What to do When You’ve Pulled A Muscle

I recently dealt with one of the scariest moments of my life. After feeling somewhat back to normal, I knew that I needed to do a write-up of what happened to me, so that no one else lives in fear like I did. This real life incident happened a few nights ago. I had just gotten done working out which I had been doing while I was a bit under the weather. I probably should have just sat down and enjoyed one more day of rest before waking up the next day and going straight to the weights. However, as men sometime do, I let my pride get the best of me and decided that I wanted to lift, no matter how I felt.

The workout itself was going great. Not once did I feel like I needed extra rest time or an additional break. To say the least, I was the master of the weight room and nothing would stop me, or so I thought. After finishing up the workout, I got all cleaned up and headed home to catch up on a few television shows I was missing. After sitting down for about ten minutes, I coughed hard. Almost immediately after coughing, I felt an extremely sharp pain rip up the right side of my stomach, towards my back. It was such an odd experience that I struggle to describe how it felt. If I had to, I would say that my cough had produced a feeling like someone had jabbed a sharp object through my back and into my internal organs.

I decided to start taking in smaller breaths, convinced that this would stop the pain, but nothing would make the sharp pain go away. Eventually, I would lie down on my side, on a heating blanket hoping that I could start finally feeling relief. The pain would go on for about 20 more agonizing minutes before it finally stopped. I didn’t want to wake up the other people in my house, as it was now late at night, but I feared I was going to end up having to go to the hospital. Luckily, I haven’t noticed the pain coming back from any recent activity. I would be lying if I said I won’t be very apprehensive the next time I pick up a pair of weights. As you probably know, what happened to cause me all of that pain I felt was a muscle pull. When someone is experiencing a muscle pull, unless it just happened, most will go into a state of panic. I experienced the first muscle pull I’ve had in years and it is just as scary as the first time this ailment happened.

If you find yourself at the mercy of a horrible muscle injury, remember the most important acronym that got me through mine: R.I.C.E. This acronym is a series of procedures that should be done for anyone who has injured themselves. Rest the muscles which means stop exerting yourself. Place ice on the muscles and compress them together. Finally, elevate the affected area to properly execute each step of the RICE method. I can’t count how many times following the four previously mentioned steps for sore muscle relief have saved me. I’m very happy that I’ve experienced no further pain but I will be taking it light on the next lifting day for my back.

Making the Most of A Packed Gym

As many are excited to rush off to the gym, eager to beat their resolutions, the ones who always showed up have to suffer. I try my best to be accommodating to those new lifters but sometimes, it gets annoying. To make matters worse, with every crowded gym will be a handful of people who have no idea what they are doing. Not only a liability, these people can be downright reckless with how they exercise. I wanted to help you out, the next time that you come in contact with an overcrowded gym with some helpful tips.

Tip Number One: Have a Plan that Can Be Adjusted
As a gym starts to become increasingly crowded, you’ll likely feel like you trapped. You should always have a plan with every workout, no matter what. Following a strict plan can have you wanting to pull your hair out when a crowd throws a wrench into it. Fear not, by having backup lifts and machines to use, you will never run into a situation where you feel trapped. Chances are, any lift that you were going to do originally has a variation that you can now try. If you’re focusing on hitting your chest and the benches are taken, grab dumbbells and start doing flyes. The point is that our muscles don’t have to use one specific machine to get a full workout in.

Tip Number Two: Supersets Save Time
If the gym floor is becoming increasingly, it might be time to get out as fast as you can.


Don’t start heading for the door just yet, you can still complete your workout. Using supersets is a great way to beat the clock, without having to cut out parts of your workout regimen. A superset is the process of combining two or more lifts together that target different body parts. If you were to do two back-to-back sets of barbell curls in a row, the second one would be much harder. The idea behind a superset would have doing a set of barbell curls, followed immediately by another lift that targets different muscles.

Tip Number Three: Try Out Machines You Don’t Normally Use
Many people view a crowded gym as a hassle that they don’t want to deal with. Instead of a negative way of thinking, use this as an opportunity. It’s common to fall into a routine where you continue to do the same workout. Not only is a stale workout regimen boring, it’s bad for your muscle growth. Muscles that aren’t properly shocked into learning new weightlifting methods will not grow as much as they should. Take the opportunity for a crowded workout center to inspire a new routine. Make use of machines that have no crowding around them. Chances are, you’ll end up having a great workout and there won’t be people all around you.

The next time you pull in to the parking lot of a gym and see that it is crowded, resist the urge to go back home. Instead, make your way inside, don’t let other people stop you from achieving your fitness goals. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with finishing a workout feels great. However, knowing that you didn’t let a packed house stop you from lifting feels even better! Most likely, a large majority of those people will never have the dedication that you do.

Welcome to Our New Site!

Hello, I wanted to give you additional information regarding Trending in the World of Bodybuilding! First, I am so glad that you have decided to give this website a visit, it is highly appreciated! I know that the world is always changing and in bodybuilding, this definitely rings true. With advancements being made constantly, from the supplements they use or new workout styles to try, there needs to be a source of legitimate information. I will forever try to bring you the latest bodybuilding news, without you hearing all about my opinion.

As far as I am concerned, the world is all too full of those who want you to believe what they do, I’m not that kind of person. Instead, I will start with bringing you all of the latest bodybuilding news, not just competition information. As you know, to begin a bodybuilding regimen isn’t just a choice that you make one day and coast down a path of easy gains. More people, than ever, are finding that to really get the most out of what life has to offer, they enjoy spending their time working out. One of the best ways that we can learn from the past, is to know more about it. Along with what is trending in the world of bodybuilding, I don’t want anyone to think that will leave out the legends of the past.

To be completely truthful, a lot of us could really improve our current program if we would stop focusing on every new invention and had a stable program, built from the foundations of past legends. You had also better believe that when the new big time bodybuilding competitions are happening, we will be full to the brim with all sorts of news. You might be wondering why I love bringing you news about the bodybuilding way of life, which I can certainly understand. My love for everything having to do with bodybuilding began when I was younger. My parents were heavily involved in their local gym and they were a strong couple that also had time to share their kind hearts with the world. I was never specifically pushed into getting into amazing shape, it was just something that I found myself falling into. Growing up in a rough city, I had to do what I could to keep my head up and my nose out of trouble. After a few times with falling into bad crowds, my very angry parents had suggested that I take up their hobby of choice.

At first, I had no idea what I was doing with a set of weights in my hand! If any of you are just starting out and think that you will feel out of place, it would be close to impossible to do worse than I first did. I remember a horror story of when it came time for me to load up a barbell, with no one informing me of how important it was to keep weight on both sides of the bar. Having a barbell whip towards your head, thanks to gravity, was a scary experience that I have never forgotten, to this very day. Everyone has to start somewhere and I’m so glad that you have chosen to start viewing this website. Week in and week out, I will be posting all kinds of neat information so be sure to keep coming back here.