Gold’s Gym Releasing Their Own Protein

To speak from experience, I have to tell on myself. I have used the same home gym equipment for roughly ten years. My Gold’s Gym home setup has been awesome. What is interesting is that I am almost positive that is was meant as a beginner weight set, yet it has held up very well. I’ll be honest, I am very hard on my weights. Like most of us, I can get mad when a lift doesn’t go the way that I want it to. Since I do most of my lifting at home when I am by myself, I have freedom to throw a whiny temper tantrum. After ten years of hard work and heavy weights, the Gold’s Gym home gym setup barely shows a scratch. I haven’t even deep cleaned the equipment in ten years and it is only slightly faded. The leather material on the bench hasn’t even been scratched once, miraculously!

I have even set down barbells on the bench and can do trap exercises on it. Let me put it this way, I have had weights that have needed replaced before my weight bench. There is actually a barbell resting on that equipment that is loaded with 115lbs. The barbell has been used for about six years and is severely bent and in need of replacing. If Gold’s Gym puts any of the quality of their home gym setups as they do into their upcoming supplements, the competition could be in big trouble. Yes, Gold’s Gym, the mecca for all bodybuilders and line of mega gyms is now releasing their own line of supplements. Currently, there is only a protein powder in the works but it looks really cool.

The signature black and yellow color scheme of Gold’s Gym is proudly presented on the labeling of the container. There is 24 grams of protein per serving in the Gold’s Gym supplement, which is about the average maybe a little bit more. If you thought that a new protein was all you were going to see being newly released by this company, think again. Also in the works will be kitchen appliances made by Gold’s Gym, including a mini grill. I love my George Foreman grill with a passion but if Gold’s enters the market, my loyalty will definitely be tempted. Gold’s Gym is a company that is certainly showing no signs of slowing down. People are wanting to get in better shape and this business is right there with gyms located all over the country! As much as I have wanted to, I am currently unable to find the Gold’s Gym protein as it has not been released yet.

From what I’ve seen that has been publicly released, it looks like this company is starting out with two flavors, cookies and cream and vanilla. However, stay tuned to when this supplement is being officially released, as there could be more new flavors. This protein will be 100% whey which is what a lot of companies are using in their protein powder. However, those with special dietary needs may need to look elsewhere for a protein that can help them. Many people should be looking forward to this release of what appears to be a superior protein powder by an awesome company. Ensure that you have the mouse ready when these powders are being released, as I have a feeling that they will sell very quickly.

What to do When You’ve Pulled A Muscle

I recently dealt with one of the scariest moments of my life. After feeling somewhat back to normal, I knew that I needed to do a write-up of what happened to me, so that no one else lives in fear like I did. This real life incident happened a few nights ago. I had just gotten done working out which I had been doing while I was a bit under the weather. I probably should have just sat down and enjoyed one more day of rest before waking up the next day and going straight to the weights. However, as men sometime do, I let my pride get the best of me and decided that I wanted to lift, no matter how I felt.

The workout itself was going great. Not once did I feel like I needed extra rest time or an additional break. To say the least, I was the master of the weight room and nothing would stop me, or so I thought. After finishing up the workout, I got all cleaned up and headed home to catch up on a few television shows I was missing. After sitting down for about ten minutes, I coughed hard. Almost immediately after coughing, I felt an extremely sharp pain rip up the right side of my stomach, towards my back. It was such an odd experience that I struggle to describe how it felt. If I had to, I would say that my cough had produced a feeling like someone had jabbed a sharp object through my back and into my internal organs.

I decided to start taking in smaller breaths, convinced that this would stop the pain, but nothing would make the sharp pain go away. Eventually, I would lie down on my side, on a heating blanket hoping that I could start finally feeling relief. The pain would go on for about 20 more agonizing minutes before it finally stopped. I didn’t want to wake up the other people in my house, as it was now late at night, but I feared I was going to end up having to go to the hospital. Luckily, I haven’t noticed the pain coming back from any recent activity. I would be lying if I said I won’t be very apprehensive the next time I pick up a pair of weights. As you probably know, what happened to cause me all of that pain I felt was a muscle pull. When someone is experiencing a muscle pull, unless it just happened, most will go into a state of panic. I experienced the first muscle pull I’ve had in years and it is just as scary as the first time this ailment happened.

If you find yourself at the mercy of a horrible muscle injury, remember the most important acronym that got me through mine: R.I.C.E. This acronym is a series of procedures that should be done for anyone who has injured themselves. Rest the muscles which means stop exerting yourself. Place ice on the muscles and compress them together. Finally, elevate the affected area to properly execute each step of the RICE method. I can’t count how many times following the four previously mentioned steps for sore muscle relief have saved me. I’m very happy that I’ve experienced no further pain but I will be taking it light on the next lifting day for my back.